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Ladynomics: The Women's Prescription to Wealth and Financial Well-Being

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Many people do not think of health and financial security as going hand in hand, but as it turns out, the two are more related than you might think. Being financially secure has a direct impact on our overall health and well being. Unfortunately, far too many people are not properly equipped with the knowledge to make responsible decisions regarding their money and how they use it.

 Luckily, that can change by reading The Rx to Wealth and Financial Wellness. This easy-to-read guide from Dr. Randi Nelson provides you with everything you need to know about bringing in an abundance of earnings and how to manage your earnings so that you and your loved ones can live your best lives. Whether you are a college student or are preparing for retirement, this book will give you valuable information on your path towards lifelong financial wellness.


Dr. Randi meets with professionals one on one and in groups, traveling the country to instruct and provide financial wellness care to those in need. 

As one of the nation’s most acclaimed Pediatricians and financial wellness experts. Dr. Randi B. Nelson (aka DrRandiBMD) is also a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant. In addition, she is a sought after media expert regarding children and young adult health issues and financial wellness expert due to her extensive 14 year career as a Vice President in investment banking.

Dr. Randi is a published author of the Chicken Soup of the Soul series with her short autobiographical story “Following my Heart”.

Dr. Randi earned her BS in Accounting from State University of NY from Buffalo, a MBA from Hofstra University and her MD from State University of NY at Stony Brook School of Medicine. She completed her pediatric residency at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, NY. 

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